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August 2017 Archives

Compensable injuries often suffered in Bowie car accidents

Sometimes navigating Bowie roads and other Maryland highways and county roads can feel like a big puzzle. Trying to navigate around the unsafe drivers, road construction and whatever else may complicate the daily commute that morning or evening. Since you are a safe driver, you know to be aware and attentive when behind the wheel. Sadly, not all drivers are so dedicated to driving safely behind the wheel and it could cause a collision resulting in driver and passenger car accident injury.

Seeking relocation may be in the best interests of child

It is entirely possible for two parents to love their child but not necessarily be in love with each other. Families have a lot of different dynamics these days, and in order for child-rearing to go smoothly, a child custody arrangement need be in place to ensure everyone knows what to expect. What about when a parent with physical custody thinking about relocation? Relocating a child in a child custody arrangement may be in their best interest.

MD pedestrian killed when vehicles collided on Route 5

We have all been there. One minute, your car is driving just fine and the next, you are pulled over on the side of the road while your car comes to a sputtering stop. When you step out of your vehicle, you assess the issue and hopefully get the situation handled or call someone for help. But, what if this story didn't have a satisfactory ending? What if you were hit by a vehicle on the side of the road and never made it back to your vehicle or home to your family?

How to estimate Bowie child support payments?

When parents in Maryland decide to live separate lives from each other, it can be difficult discerning who pays for what in their child's upbringing. With more and more families in separate living situations, how do parents work out the financial details of their child's upbringing? They both want the best for them, so how is it determined to be a fair and equitable solution? The answer is unique to each family, there are several factors that will determine how child support numbers are decided.


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