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Financial Challenges Often Go Hand-In-Hand With Divorce

The implications of divorce reach far beyond your marital status. In addition to having to address potential custody and visitation matters, you also must find a way to deal with handling all financial consequences that arise.

I am Annapolis divorce lawyer Kari Fawcett with much experience with clients going through the bankruptcy process. At my law office, I provide comprehensive support and advice to individuals coping with all aspects of divorce or separation. While I do not personally handle bankruptcy claims, I do provide thorough advice and support to every client involved in the process.

Are you losing your home? Are you losing your car? Before your belongings are repossessed or taken back by the bank, reach out to me for help.

Addressing Your Property And Financial Concerns

Unfortunately, in today’s climate, divorce and bankruptcy go hand in hand. For some, bankruptcy becomes necessary due to their family homes going into foreclosure or the inability to pay off credit card debt or medical bills. For others, the high costs of litigating divorce leads to bankruptcy concerns. I will work with you to explore the options that are best for you and protect your interests when dividing property and debt.

Regardless of how you reached the financial situation you are in now, there is hope. I can help you identify potential solutions and then help you find a way to get a fresh start in life — emotionally and financially. If you decide to pursue bankruptcy as your debt relief solution, I will collaborate with a bankruptcy attorney to ensure all aspects are covered.

Contact Me, An Upper Marlboro Lawyer Focusing On Debt Division, For A Low Cost Consultation

To learn more about how divorce and bankruptcy affect each other, call me at 301-262-5500, 301-850-7345 or send my Bowie law firm an email. I offer low cost consultations to new clients.

My office is located in Bowie, Maryland, at the corner of Route 197 and Route 450, just behind the McDonalds. We also have an office in Annapolis, Maryland, next to the Westfield Annapolis Mall.