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Helping You Revise Your Family-Related Legal Agreements

At the Bowie Law Office of Kari Holm Fawcett, I understand that your circumstances can change in a heartbeat. A sudden change in your lifestyle can drastically affect your ability to comply with a previous court order. Life changes can include your employment status, medical condition or finances such as retirement funds.

When you experience a drastic change of circumstances, you can try to receive a post-decree modification. These modifications can provide new stipulations centered on your updated circumstances.

My Bowie law firm has in-depth experience filing for modifications. As your attorney, I will help you request a post-decree modification to revise your current agreement or court order for:

Modification Process

When applying for a post-decree modification, you must collect evidentiary support. This can include financial records, medical records, or any type of documentation outlining and proving your need to modify an agreement.

As your Bowie post-decree modification lawyer, I can then represent your case at a hearing. It can take a while to secure a hearing date. However, after listening to both parties and reviewing the facts, the judge makes a decision at the hearing.

Emergency Relief

A hearing can take time to schedule. Depending on the nature of your changed circumstances, such as domestic violence or abuse or a financial emergency, I can request an expedited hearing.

Do not hesitate to ask a lawyer for an emergency hearing. If waiting for a court date could negatively affect your children, an emergency hearing may be the right course of action.

Low Cost Consultation With A Greenbelt Child Support Modification Lawyer

To modify a custody agreement or support order, please call me at 301-262-5500, 301-850-7345 or send my Bowie law firm an email.

My office is located in Bowie, Maryland, at the corner of Route 197 and Route 450, just behind the McDonalds. We also have an office in Annapolis, Maryland, next to the Westfield Annapolis Mall.