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Conversations to have during Teen Driver Safety Week

For parents, the first time a child borrows his or her car is arguably one of the most stressful day of their lives. Not only do they have difficulty understanding how time has gone by so quickly since their kids were just in kindergarten, but they are also nervous about how their kids will handle their new world behind the wheel.

Having a new driver can be especially worrisome given that teenage drivers represent the highest risk group of people to be involved in fatal accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Handling emotional issues and work after divorce

It may go without saying, but a divorce can be an emotionally traumatic experience for women and men alike. More than just the common blues that come with the end of a relationship, there may be a need take time off from work to deal with psychological issues that may arise

In these situations, it is important to know that you may be allowed to use Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) time to deal with personal issues. This is especially important if you are leaving an abusive relationship and you need time to heal from emotional injuries as well as physical ones.

Three helpful Halloween safety tips for pedestrians

Halloween night is arguably the ultimate holiday for candy lovers and makeup artists. After all, kids of all ages will take part in dressing in costumes, while little ones will be walking their neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating. Festivities on Halloween night bring their own set of dangers, however. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of pedestrian accidents tends to go up on October 31. Because of this, it is important for pedestrians to be particularly vigilant.

This post will highlight a few helpful tips so that people can have a safe and scary Halloween.

Things to consider about divorce and domestic violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence, one of the most challenging decisions you may ever have to face is divorcing your spouse. Many people who have suffered at the hands of their partners are often afraid to leave them. The trauma of everything endured can make the divorce process more stressful and devastating than it should be. 

As a resident of Maryland, you have the option of filing for a no-fault and fault grounds divorce. Since your situation has a history of violence, it may be beneficial for you to file for a fault grounds divorce because there is no waiting period. 

Ways to make your divorce stress free

If you are thinking about divorce, but are unsure of when and how to go about it, chances are that you have already received pieces of advice from friends and family. The recommendations may range from the practical to the ridiculous, and they may leave you more confused, or angry, with what to do.

Whatever the advice you are given, chances are they are based on one person’s personal experiences, so what you are given may not be the best given your circumstances. However, there are some helpful things that can apply regardless of your situation.

How alcohol use can lead to car accidents

All too often, people do not weight the effects of alcohol consumption before deciding to drink and drive. As dangerous as the behavior can be, many do not believe each glass of beer, wine and alcohol they consume affects their driving behaviors. 

Alcohol causes impairment. The level of impairment generally varies from person to person. It dulls the senses, decreases awareness and slows down thought processes and reflexes. Anyone who drinks alcohol should consider the following actions they can take to avoid crashing and hurting themselves, friends and other motorists. 

Co-parent easily during the school year by utilizing these tips

The arrival of autumn and the change in seasons signals a few things. Beyond the change of colors in the leaves and the much anticipated arrival of the pumpkin spice latte, it means back to school for kids. While kids are abuzz with the change in seasons, it can be tough to handle the switch between summer schedules and fall schedules with your child's other parent in a child custody arrangement. Handle the transition smoothly by utilizing these co-parenting tips.

Schedules can get hectic for parents living in separate households raising a kid who is going back to school this fall. With technology advancements, many schools are revolutionizing as well, so make sure to take advantage of any online communications that you and your spouse can access to keep a better eye on your kid's school work. In addition, allow both parents to be notified by the school about anything significant, that way no parent is out of the loop. Even though you are not together, try to attend the parent-teacher conferences together as this allows both parents to be a part of their child's accomplishments and to know about any challenges they may be facing this school year.

Reckless drivers can be held accountable for the havoc they wreak

Thousands of Bowie residents make the responsible decision to drive safely everyday. Driving safely isn't just about abiding by the laws either. It's about making a conscious decision to be alert and aware every time a driver gets behind the wheel. Of course, there is always one person (or a bunch of people!) who ruin it for everyone and in this case, that means reckless drivers and inattentive drivers.

Trying to pinpoint which drivers, and when, reckless behaviors and inattentiveness will occur is very difficult. It can be hard to know exactly what a driver is doing behind the wheel. They could be texting, drowsy, or otherwise distracted and this could easily cause a car accident and injuries to them and other parties. Oftentimes, laws are broken when a driver is inattentive or reckless. They may speed, swerve between lanes and even run traffic signals due to their inattention.

What is a limited and absolute divorce in Maryland?

When a Maryland couple becomes engaged they're pretty much on cloud nine. Nothing can distract a couple from their love. But, a divorce can happen to any couple, no matter how in love they may seem at the start of their marriage. In Maryland, there are two types of divorce, a limited divorce and an absolute divorce. These two types of divorce allow for flexibility for couples whose marriage may be ending.

Divorcing a spouse with mental illness

Divorce is painful, frightening and overwhelming for any couple. Adding mental illness into the equation only makes the situation more complex. You may fear judgment from loved ones or feel guilt due to wanting to break the vow to be there in sickness and in health.

Unfortunately, divorce may be the best option for the whole family if your spouse refuses to seek help or follow medical advice. You can end the marriage compassionately while still protecting your rights.


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