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About Us

A Thorough Approach to Legal Support

At Kari Fawcett, Esq., we have been providing highly accessible legal counsel for over 25 years. Our extensive experience working within Maryland’s court system has helped solidify our reputation as aggressive, competent attorneys. We also receive numerous referrals from fellow lawyers and satisfied former clients because they recognize our dedication to providing effective legal advice.

Thorough Advice

When dealing with the law, we take a big-picture approach. It is easy to find a solution to a problem. We try to go beyond the initial problem to help prevent further issues. We will carefully explain the law, your rights, and your responsibilities. We want you to understand your options and have clear, defined expectations.

Negotiating Settlements

As family law and personal injury attorneys, we understand that the court system can be intimidating. You could face a costly, time-consuming trial. Depending on your situation and goals, we can negotiate a settlement. We can aggressively protect your right to compensation for a personal injury. We can also provide informed advice for divorce, child custody, child support, and personal injury settlements.

Protecting Children’s Rights

In Maryland, we are Guardian Ad Litem attorneys. This means the court can appoint us to represent children in legal matters. In this capacity, we protect children’s rights and help ensure that their short- and long-term needs and goals are achieved.

Low-Cost Consultation

To discuss your legal issues in a low-cost consultation, please call or send an email.