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Providing Legal Advice for Visitation Arrangements

In a divorce, visitation arrangements are determined in conjunction with child custody. It is common for one parent to be awarded primary residential custody and the other parent to receive visitation rights. There is also shared physical custody, where one party gets, at a minimum, 128 nights of overnight visitation with the children. For a primary custodial arrangement, a common visitation arrangement provides alternating weekends and alternating federal and state holidays, including 2, 3 or 4 weeks of summer visitation.

Unless modified, your children’s visitation arrangement shall remain in place until they graduate from high school, not necessarily when they reach the age of 18. The children’s visitation arrangement can also be modified between the parents. If you are going through a divorce, you may need advice from a lawyer to help you determine the best arrangement for your children.

With over 25 years of experience handling visitation issues, we can explain the laws regarding Maryland visitation and help your family make informed decisions.

Important Consideration

When deciding your children’s long-term visitation schedule, it is important to consider several issues. However, we take great care in examining all possible concerns before recommending visitation solutions. Our goal as your attorneys is to look out for the best interests of your children and family.

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Does your ex-spouse live in the same state as your children? If not, you could face added expenses. Your out-of-state visitation arrangement may need to factor in additional expenses, such as travel costs. You may also want to consider your children’s healthcare options – in case they would need to see a doctor while visiting their out-of-state parent.


At the Bowie and Annapolis Law Office of Kari Fawcett, we understand that certain situations may be potentially harmful to your children. You may wish to have supervised visitation for your children. We can clearly explain your legal options concerning supervised visitation. We can gather evidentiary materials to support your claim and effectively present your position.


As with any legal agreement or court order, you can petition the court to modify any visitation agreement or court order. We have over 25 years of experience handling visitation modifications. We understand which strategies best support your claim.

We also believe that the right custodial and visitation arrangement can help your children maintain close, beneficial relationships with you and their other parent. We respect your situation and want to help you find the right solutions.

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Visitation is an important part of divorce. To discuss visitation issues with a low-cost consultation, please call or send us an email.