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Seeking to Obtain a Protective Order

Domestic violence tears families apart and is simply unacceptable. That is why as your protective orders attorneys, we will use every option available under the law to protect the victims of domestic abuse.

We have 25 years of legal experience helping people resolve their difficult family law issues. We understand that domestic violence can extend beyond physical abuse, and may also involve emotional or financial abuse. We are committed to protecting parents, children, and spouses who have suffered at the hands of an abusive relative.

Domestic Violence Protective Orders

We provide skilled assistance with:

Temporary orders of protection: By definition, these are not designed to last. A temporary order of protection grants protection for seven days, unless an extension is granted because the Defendant has not yet been served. If the Respondent has not been served, the trial court may extend a temporary order of protection for up to six months or “for other good cause” shown. To be entitled for relief for temporary protective orders (also called Ex Parte Orders), the court must have “reasonable grounds to believe” that the abuse occurred.

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Protective Order: Once the Respondent has been served with the temporary protective order, a Protective Order hearing will be scheduled. At this hearing, the petitioner must establish that abuse occurred. One form of abuse is “an act that places a person eligible for relief in fear of imminent serious bodily harm.” To succeed, the petitioner must establish by a preponderance of the evidence that the abuse occurred. Violation of a Protective Order can result in criminal charges. I will help ensure that they are enforced to the full letter of the law.

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