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Will new tax laws affect my high-asset divorce?

If you are facing a high-asset divorce, then you are well aware of the financial stakes. Your future financial livelihood is at stake as you move through the divorce process, so you must be well-informed about all the different parameters that could affect the final outcome.

While financial matters are important to all couples going through a divorce, they become particularly critical for couples with high net worth. One especially important factor to keep in mind in your high-asset divorce is how tax laws will affect your divorce agreement. New tax laws make some significant changes, so you should be aware of how these new laws may affect the financial outcome of your divorce.

Symptoms of a head injury may not be evident after a crash

You may never have been involved in a car crash, but if you are, seek prompt medical attention, even if you feel fine.

Signs of a potentially serious condition may not show up right away. For example, until symptoms develop several days after the accident, there would be no reason to suspect a traumatic brain injury.

What to do when a dog bites or attacks you

A classic joke in cartoons is the antagonistic relationship between dogs and mail deliverers. While of course, this is rooted in truth, mail deliverers are not the only ones who face bites and attacks from canines. Your neighbor's furry friend that you have known for years may end up being a danger to you or your children.

With spring here and the sunshine calling everyone outdoors, you need to prepare so you will know what to do if a dog bites or attacks you.

What to expect at your relocation hearing

Last week, we discussed in broad terms what happens when one member of a divorced couple decides to move away and the couple has minor children in common. This week, we’ll delve into what happens in the event that the non-relocating ex-spouse does not agree to the relocation request: a court relocation hearing.

At the hearing, the court will examine the current custody arrangement—which was originally drafted with the best interest of the child in mind. If one parent is planning to move to a location far enough away that it would inhibit visitation or shared custody by the other parent, then the court must consider whether the move is in the best interest of the child. There is no precise formula to determine what is best for a child, but some factors the court might consider are:

If you move away from your ex and you have shared child custody

You just landed your dream job! The only problem is, it’s in Virginia Beach. That’s a long way from Baltimore, where, your son and your ex-husband currently live. How does your move affect your child custody arrangement?

Under Maryland law, you can’t just up and move without getting consent from your ex or the court. The first thing you need to do is give notice of your move. Under most circumstances, you have to give your ex-spouse and the court written notice of your relocation at least 90 days before your move. There are a couple exceptions to this rule: If you can demonstrate to the court that providing such notice would lead to harm to you or your child, it’s possible that this requirement may be waived. Additionally, the court may show some flexibility with the 90-day notice if your circumstances require you to move sooner than that, but you make a good-faith effort to give as much notice as possible.

Three common driving mistakes to avoid

We may be getting smarter as a species, but we’re not becoming any safer at driving. At least that’s what the data says. In 2015, the number of traffic deaths in the U.S. spiked by 8 percent—the biggest jump in half a century. By 2016, that statistic increased again, resulting in more than 40,000 traffic fatalities. As 2017 draws to a close, let’s take some proactive steps to being safer on the road.

Traffic accidents are usually the result of human error, but which driving errors most frequently result in accidents? In this week’s post, we examine the three most common instigators of car accidents.

Landmark case to define child support rights in same-sex divorce

The Hawaii Supreme Court is currently considering a case that raises the question of how consent to having a child is determined in same-sex marriage, as well as the implications of this determination on parental rights. It represents the first Supreme Court case in the country addressing the issue of child support for same-sex couples.

The case involves a lesbian couple that was married in 2013. Between January and September of 2015, one member of the couple was deployed on military duty. While she was away, her then wife got pregnant. After returning from military duty, the woman filed for divorce and sought to relinquish her parental rights.

Tips for avoiding distracted driving

Distraction on the road can have serious consequences. A mere moment of losing focus at a critical time can lead to an accident and serious injury.

While you obviously cannot guarantee yourself a ride completely free of any distraction whatsoever, you can take steps to minimize the chances of your attention wandering. Advance planning to avoid distraction can make your commute much safer.

How distractions lead to car accidents

It is not uncommon for you to see people texting and driving when you are on the streets in Bowie. It happens so often that you probably think you can do it, too. As boring and tiresome as driving can be, it is not worth risking your life or the lives of others because of distractions. You should avoid distractions and pay attention to the roads and traffic around you. 

Each year, the number of motorists who die in car accidents where distractions are a factor increases. In order to drive your vehicle safely, you must have your eyes on the roads and hands on the steering wheel. When you use distractions, you cannot drive safely. Each day you make through traffic to your destination without incident is one where you were fortunate. Here is a brief overview of how dangerous distractions are.

Will Maryland eliminate parental rights for rapists?

The Maryland Senate is poised to pass some landmark legislation early next year—which many say is long overdue. The proposed bill has failed nine times before, but this time, members of the General Assembly are optimistic that the bill has built up sufficient support to pass. The subject of the bill: paternal rights for rapists.

It could be said that Maryland is behind the times when it comes to developing laws surrounding rapists’ paternal rights. It is one of only six states with no official law on the subject. Under the proposed legislation, a woman who becomes pregnant due to a rape would not be forced to give any parental rights to her attacker. Regardless of whether the attacker is convicted, the rape victim can expunge his parental rights.


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