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I contacted this law office for help with my divorce. First let me say that I was surprised when the young lady who answered the phone was so pleasant that it changed my whole day!!! The attorney, Ann Marie, was extremely nice, knowledgeable, and so down to earth that I instantly felt like I was going to be well taken care of. She is thorough and left no stones unturned in her assessment of my situation. This law office is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone!!

- Cyrena Salley

Extremely Professional and Very Responsive. Highly recommend their services to anyone in need of legal counsel. You will not be disappointed with your outcome.

- Jason

I LOVE.... LOVE... Kari, and her Assistant! They are worth every penny! I had the worst 3yrs of Child custody drama. She came in an ended it in less than 60 Days! 2014

- Loving Thankful Mother

Kari is one of the best attorneys I have ever had the incredible pleasure of meeting. She is caring, genuine and highly experienced. I recommend fully.

- Steven Foreman

Kari and Anne Marie fought really hard for my case. They treated me and my kids5 like family and I felt supported throughout the process. Kari is fast and knows her stuff. Anne Marie is a true gem, she stood in for me when Kari couldnt and knew details of my case. My questions were always answered promptly and my worries always wiped away. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Josie K.

This law firm is very personable and treated me like family. Ms. Fawcett also handled my case in a very expert, diligent, and professional manner. I was completely satisfied and give her my highest recommendation.

- ACES Roadside Towing

I cannot thank Kari and Ann-Marie enough for all of their help during a difficult divorce. They changed my life for the better...thank you!! Your support during and after mean so much to me. You not only wanted what was best for me but for my children as well. Again, thank you for giving me my life back.

- Cindy Weaver

Fantastic experience with this attorney. She saved my sanity during an extremely difficult time period by providing the best possible advice. Highly recommended!

- Agi Vadasz

This law firm was very very helpful with my questions pertaining my case. I would recommend her 1000% if you need to obtain a lawyer!

- Victoria Yates

Excellent attorney. Truly listens to your situation. Highly recommended!

- Leah Ross

Excellent Attorney ! I highly recommend her !! You got to try her . Great job

- Michael Lyons

Kari Fawcett is AWESOME!!! I was referred to her by a family member and she listened to me and relieved me of my fears.

- Anonymous

I recently used Kari Fawcett for a custody case. She and her assist were an amazing team. Kari always contacted me promptly and if she was unable her assist would. She worked above and beyond my expectations. She was very informative every step of the way and did not make false promises. She works very well under pressure and gets the job done. She always made me feel very secure and comfortable during such a stressful time. I would definitely recommend this lawyer to anyone who is needing an honest and tenacious attorney. I also must add that she obviously does this for a career but she was not out to only take money. She was worth every penny. Very honest and knows Maryland law very well. I was very pleased to work with Kari and her assistant. They are a dynamic team.

- Tina

I was blindsided by the separation paperwork. Obviously my Ex had put time and effort into getting a head start on the divorce and had hired a very good & aggressive divorce lawyer. I contacted equally rated lawyers but most were too ready to start spending $$$ rather than see if an amicable solution could be worked out. But my initial consultation/call with Kari was different. She (and Ann-Marie) were just as interested in me as the case. They worked with me and tried to do things my way - but - were very clear to point out that I was allowing myself to be bullied by my Ex and her lawyer. Wanting to minimize impact on our young adult children, my wife and myself I let myself be pressured into several bad decisions. Kari informed me why the decisions were bad and was willing to bring in other lawyers from her office for their opinions. Fortunately she slowed the process long enough for me to realize the mistakes I was making. Number 1 lesson learned: Listen to your lawyer. The next year and a half was total insanity. While I was a wreck, Kari was able to handle all the nonsense from my Ex's lawyer. Case went to court and the trial lasted three days. While Kari was very competent with managing the process and deflecting the crap from my Ex and her lawyer - She was on an entirely different level in court. Her questioning of my wife left no doubt to the judge who was primarily responsible for the failure of the family. Kari's closing statement caught me by surprise - hearing the cold hard facts reiterated and the emotion in her voice as she detailed the hell me and the kids endured. The judgment was definitely in my favor.

- Anonymous

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Kari Fawcett in a divorce case is that she is super intelligent when it comes to law (she has been an attorney for many years), she is super nice and down to earth plus she is not playing around and has 0 tolerance for any bullshit or lies from the opposing side. She is a very aggressive attorney and she knows what she is doing and she will fully have your back on everything. Ms. Fawcett's partner, Ann-Marie Dunn is also super nice, sweet, extremely competent with the law and is a very hard worker. They both worked on my case together, and I call them "The Dynamic Duo." I truly believe, as in my case, that if you retain "The Dynamic Duo," you will have double the power of one attorney, you will have access to talking over the phone with one of them at any given time if the other one is in court, and you will have the superb chance of winning your case. They are definitely aggressive, which is why I retained Kari Fawcett in the first place. My case is over now and we won, but I feel so close to these lovely ladies, that I will be staying in touch with them on a monthly basis just to keep them in my life. I love these 2 attorneys. God forbid if I ever have another divorce, I would definitely, no hesitation, retain Kari Fawcett again and again. Kari and Ann-Marie are definitely a strong force and I would not want to be the opposing attorney nor the opposing client in the case.

- Lori

I recently went through a divorce and had Kari as my lawyer. She was so reassuring and comforting during a very troubling time. She had to listen to me cry many times over the phone and was always able to answer my questions in detail. She and Ann Marie were extremely responsive to my type A personality and need for constant communication! I would definitely recommend her to anyone going through a divorce! Having to deal with something as difficult as this is never easy, but to have someone like her on your side makes it a lot more bearable. THANK YOU

- Anonymous