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Child Support Attorneys in Bowie & Crofton, Maryland

Understanding Important Child Support Issues

At the Law Office of Kari Fawcett, we realize that divorce can have a traumatic effect on your family. We have over 25 years of experience as family law attorneys. We can provide legal guidance to help you and your children receive support tailored to your needs.

We carefully select my cases so that we can focus our efforts on your issues and needs. Our law firm concentrates on providing straightforward advice. We take great pride on being very down-to-earth and will not talk to you in legalese. We can discuss your child support options so that you have clear and realistic expectations.

Maryland Child Support Guidelines

Based on our 25 plus years of practicing law, we have developed a deep understanding of how our courts calculate child support. Child support obligations are determined by a set formula that includes many factors. Payments are based on your and your spouse’s actual income, which can include:

  • Gross income

  • Pre-existing court-ordered support

  • Your children’s health insurance premiums

  • Alimony payments

  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses

  • Private school tuition

If you or your ex-spouse were to become unemployed, child support payments would still continue unless a modification of child support is filed with the court. The court would recalculate the payment based on the new information.

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Payment Options

Once a child support amount is determined, there are three ways the funds can be transferred between you and your ex-spouse. It can be received through wage garnishment, which is the most common method. Child support funds can also be sent to the Maryland Office of Child Support Enforcement, which sends them to the recipient spouse. Or, the payments can be done directly between you and your ex-spouse.

Modifications to Child Support

Child support orders can be changed. Oftentimes, outside influences affect a spouse’s ability to maintain payments. If you find yourself unable to make payments, we can gather the necessary evidentiary paperwork and request a modification hearing.

Do not wait until it becomes a child support enforcement issue. If you are found in contempt, you could face severe penalties.

Child Support Litigation

If your spouse has stopped making payments, or if you have discovered extra income they did not report, we can help you file for a motion to modify child support. We can try to settle your case first without going to court, but if it is in your best interest, we can take your case to court to fight for your right to appropriate child support payments.

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