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Enforcement/Motions for Contempt
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Protecting the Rights Given to You in Your Court Order or Divorce Decree

Are you seeking enforcement of child support? We are here to help you obtain the money or visitation rights you were provided within your court order. Do not waste time wondering when you will get paid or put up with any interference with your parental rights.

At our law firm, the Law Office of Kari Fawcett, We provide individuals throughout the surrounding areas in Maryland with the vigorous representation they need. Reach out today to find a legal solution specifically tailored to your legal goals.

Comprehensive Enforcement Legal Services

Court orders must be followed. In the event that they are not, the parties may end up back in court in an enforcement or contempt proceeding. We represent either party involved in contempt proceedings for:

It is also possible to seek enforcement of a property settlement agreement where one party is failing to sell the family home or divide other marital property according to the agreed-upon terms.

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Enforcement of Child Support or Spousal Support Orders

For court orders involving financial matters, there are a few different options that one may pursue to enforce payment. If taking the party back to court to obtain a payment does not work, we can seek wage garnishment. A judge would put in place a wage-withholding order, which would then enable the court to take the appropriate amount of money out of each paycheck automatically.

If you find that you are unable to make payments as required by your divorce decree or other judgment, contact me to discuss seeking a post-decree modification.

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To discuss your need for enforcing a child support order or other judgment, call or send our Bowie law firm an email. We offer low-cost consultations to individuals facing difficult financial situations.