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Reckless drivers can be held accountable for the havoc they wreak

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Thousands of Bowie residents make the responsible decision to drive safely everyday. Driving safely isn’t just about abiding by the laws either. It’s about making a conscious decision to be alert and aware every time a driver gets behind the wheel. Of course, there is always one person (or a bunch of people!) who ruin it for everyone and in this case, that means reckless drivers and inattentive drivers.

Trying to pinpoint which drivers, and when, reckless behaviors and inattentiveness will occur is very difficult. It can be hard to know exactly what a driver is doing behind the wheel. They could be texting, drowsy, or otherwise distracted and this could easily cause a car accident and injuries to them and other parties. Oftentimes, laws are broken when a driver is inattentive or reckless. They may speed, swerve between lanes and even run traffic signals due to their inattention.

The injures that can result when another vehicle is involved in a car accident with a distracted or reckless driver can be severe. Since the vehicle can lose control or end up in a place they aren’t supposed to be, oftentimes another vehicle has no-where to go. They could be rear-ended, t-boned or even forced off the road while trying to avoid the other vehicle. At the Law Office of Kari Holm Fawcett, we know how these injuries can take a toll on your family and impact your life.

That’s why we are in support of those who have been injured seeking justice. A personal injury suit can help to recover for the damages and injuries a party suffers due to a reckless driver. Too many Bowie residents have already experienced this first-hand. Understanding that fault may lie with another party is the first step to achieving a satisfactory outcome.