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3 Essential Steps to Take if You Get Hit by A Car on Your Bicycle

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When you ride your bike, you feel alive, accomplished and healthy. Your bicycle is an effective method of transportation and exercise that promotes your health and benefits the environment. Unfortunately, you are probably going to crash in one way or another–or even worse, get hit by a vehicle. 

If you get hit by a passenger car or a larger vehicle like a commercial truck or bus, you will suffer more injuries than any driver. Your bike and helmet only offer you so much protection. But how do you react when you get into a biking accident? It is crucial for you to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Here are the steps you should take after you get hit on your bike. 

1. Collect contact information

According to a Consumer Reports guide on handling the aftermath of a bike crash, you should gather the following information from any drivers involved:

  • Phone number

  • Mailing address

  • License plate number

  • Insurance details

If there are any witnesses around, you should get their contact details as well. 

2. Call the police

Even if you feel like you barely sustained a scrape or sprain, always call the police if you get hit riding your bike. You may not notice injuries right away, and without a police report, any claims you pursue after may be more difficult to prove. If law enforcement files a report about the accident, the story cannot change later. 

3. Get medical attention

Do not hesitate to be overcautious about any potential injuries. Your adrenaline directly after the accident could cause you to not notice you are injured right away. It is best for you to go to the emergency room or set up an appointment with your doctor. This is crucial to get treatment and also document any medical bills for your insurance claim. 

Getting hit while you are enjoying a bike ride can be scary, but if you take these three essential steps, you can get back on the right track and your bike.