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Delayed Injury Symptoms Can Surface After Any Accident

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Whether it is a slip and fall that leads to you striking your head on concrete or a car accident resulting in whiplash or severe bruising to your torso, it is best to immediately seek medical attention. Even if you do not feel pain right away.

Take precautionary measures because you may never know just how badly hurt you really are. Even when people feel fine after their body sustained trauma, there may be something deeply wrong such as bleeding on the brain. Only a few hours after such an injury, the delayed symptoms surface, sometimes, tenfold. The potential results from a hidden injury: permanent disability and even death.

Hidden Injuries Surfacing Hours Later

Delayed symptoms may surface after any personal injury incident. Even a minor fender-bender car accident should get scrutiny. What if — hours after walking away from the accident – you have a terrible headache? This could the delayed symptom of a hidden injury.

Here is a list of injuries that, sometimes, involved delayed symptoms:

  • Traumatic brain injury: This is one of the most serious injuries. Mild headaches transform into severe ones, displaying signs of concussions and brain bleeds. Other symptoms may include dizziness.

  • Internal organ bleeding: Bruises and torso pain are potential signs of organ damage. The heart, liver, spleen and lungs may have been damaged after a severe hit related to a car accident.

  • Back injuries: Problems often develop in the lower back and may not surface for several hours. You may have damaged your vertebrae, potentially leading to a lifetime of back-related difficulty.

  • Neck injuries: A collision from behind in a car accident can lead to whiplash. The stiffness in your neck may graduate into more serious pain and complications such as nerve damage.

Delayed symptoms from injuries creep up on victims. After an accident, you may think that you are not injured, but think again. Those symptoms can surface anytime. Do not ignore them.