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Handling Emotional Issues and Work After Divorce

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It may go without saying, but a divorce can be an emotionally traumatic experience for women and men alike. More than just the common blues that come with the end of a relationship, there may be a need take time off from work to deal with psychological issues that may arise

In these situations, it is important to know that you may be allowed to use Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) time to deal with personal issues. This is especially important if you are leaving an abusive relationship and you need time to heal from emotional injuries as well as physical ones.

Since FMLA time is unpaid (as it is designed to hold a job open), you may also be able to use disability insurance to cover your time away from work. Before allowing time off, your employer may require you to bring a recommendation from your physician explaining that you need time off, and how long you will be away.

There may be some trepidation about letting people at work know why you are away. After all, having emotional issues is not exactly a popular topic in the office, and you may be afraid of what your superiors (and colleagues) may think of you. However, if emotional issues prevent you from being productive, pride and fear should be set aside.

This is one of many intersections where family law and employment law meet. If you have questions about proper leave after divorce consult a family law attorney with experience with employment protocols.

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