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How a Car Accident May Result in Carpal Tunnel

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It seems like every Maryland commute brings another crash scene. The increase in drivers on already clogged roads is doing nothing to stop it either.

When you get into an accident, things that happen inside the vehicle may remain a mystery, even when the dust settles. The forces at play exert themselves in ways you could not anticipate until it happens to you. One thing that can develop post-accident is carpal tunnel syndrome. While it may not seem possible, learning how it happens may help you identify it should it happen to you.

The Hands During an Accident

Even if your accident was a minor one, you still experienced a disruption in your body. More than likely, your hands were on the steering wheel during the crash. As such, your hands absorbed some force. If your accident was more serious, this may result in pain and discomfort in the wrist and hands. If your airbag deployed, your hands were pushed off the wheel at the rate of 60 miles an hour. It is easy to see, therefore, how pain may result.

Carpal Tunnel Development

You may not have thought the hand and wrist pain you have felt since the accident were related, even though it did not start aching until after the crash. Carpal tunnel syndrome is typically a repetitive motion disease caused by poor placement of the hands while typing or repeated motion that can cause the median nerve in the wrist to become irritated as the tissue around it becomes inflamed. Development after an accident is due to an injury to the median nerve. While testing such as imaging and EMG nerve conduction studies may help diagnose the damage to the nerve, they will not reveal the culprit. This is where it is important that you keep track of your symptoms, especially after a crash.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is not something you want to let get worse without treatment. If you suspect your wrist and hands ache because of your accident, you should talk to your doctor and an attorney.