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How Alcohol Use Can Lead to Car Accidents

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All too often, people do not weight the effects of alcohol consumption before deciding to drink and drive. As dangerous as the behavior can be, many do not believe each glass of beer, wine and alcohol they consume affects their driving behaviors. 

Alcohol causes impairment. The level of impairment generally varies from person to person. It dulls the senses, decreases awareness and slows down thought processes and reflexes. Anyone who drinks alcohol should consider the following actions they can take to avoid crashing and hurting themselves, friends and other motorists. 

Impairment Often Starts with The First Sip

It may seem as if high levels of alcohol consumption lead to catastrophic car accidents. But the reality is, even small amounts of alcohol can affect drivers so much that they do not recognize they are not in a condition to operate a vehicle. Many people assume that it is okay to drive while buzzed, but that buzzed feeling is enough to increase the number of driving errors they make. 

The Effects Are Different for Everyone

Common side effects of excessive alcohol use include slurred speech, drowsiness, imbalance, diminished mental capacity and erratic and reckless behavior. Some of these effects can occur even with a lower amount of alcohol intake. Some intoxicated people do not show the outward signs of intoxication. It can be hard for them to determine they are inebriated until they get behind the steering wheel and start exhibiting the following alcohol-fueled driving behaviors. 

  • Slow driving

  • Tailgating

  • Erratic braking

  • Weaving from side to side in their lanes

  • Driving on the wrong side of the road 

Some people lose consciousness and have trouble recalling events while they are driving. They are often not aware of the danger they pose to themselves and others. They may not even realize the damage and pain and suffering they cause to others. Many victims of alcohol-related car accidents end up with serious injuries that temporarily and permanently alter their health and quality of life.

Prevent Getting in An Accident with A Drunk Driver

You can lower your chances of being involved in a motor vehicle wreck with a drunk driver by staying away from any vehicle that is moving erratically. Keep an eye out for anyone who is riding too close to you and other vehicles. Some intoxicated motorists tend to ride their brakes and stop their vehicles frequently, even when there is no need for them to do so. The more distance there is between your vehicle and theirs, the easier it will be for you to avoid a potential accident.