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How Distractions Lead to Car Accidents

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It is not uncommon for you to see people texting and driving when you are on the streets in Bowie. It happens so often that you probably think you can do it, too. As boring and tiresome as driving can be, it is not worth risking your life or the lives of others because of distractions. You should avoid distractions and pay attention to the roads and traffic around you. 

Each year, the number of motorists who die in car accidents where distractions are a factor increases. In order to drive your vehicle safely, you must have your eyes on the roads and hands on the steering wheel. When you use distractions, you cannot drive safely. Each day you make through traffic to your destination without incident is one where you were fortunate. Here is a brief overview of how dangerous distractions are.

Distracted Driving Is a Common Activity

Distracted driving car accidents happen all the time. Unlike drunk driving incidents that are more likely to occur at night and on the weekends, people use distractions all day. Keep in mind that texting is not the only form of distraction that motorists use. Eating, putting on makeup, looking at something outside of the road and on the inside of vehicles, reading, talking on phones, playing games on cellphones and using social media are other popular forms of distractions that drivers tend to use when operating their vehicles.

Keep in mind that it is not just the type of distraction that increases your risk of car accidents, it is also the frequency. The more you use distractions, the greater your chances of being in a near miss situation or crash. You also make it harder for other motorists to operate their vehicles safely. Your use of distractions combined with other distracted motorists creates conditions that are ripe for fatalities. 

No matter how inconsequential it may seem, distracted driving is a very dangerous activity. You must avoid distractions so you can maneuver the roads safely and avoid crash encounters with other distracted drivers.