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Joint Child Custody: How To Make Things Work

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The majority of divorces in Maryland are somewhat peaceful. However, as civil as they may be, some issues will take time to agree upon. One of the most common of these issues is joint child custody. Also known as shared custody, this is when a judge orders that both parents have equal custody of a child. When this occurs, the two parties, along with their attorney, must come up with an agreement regarding scheduling and other items such as academics. There are a few points to remember that will help make the transition relatively painless.

Keep Your Personal Feelings to Yourself

Divorce can be a very messy situation, and tensions are certainly high. However, no matter how much you hate your ex-spouse, those emotions should never be showcased to either your ex or, most importantly, your children. They will still be involved in their lives, and adding stress to an already stressful situation is never good for anyone involved.

Treat It Like a Business

It may sound odd to treat your child’s custody as a business meeting, but that’s the best route to take to get what you need. Analysts comment on how many couples tend to go in with unrealistic and emotionally driven demands. This rarely works and usually only extends the custody talks.

Develop Your Own Plan

The very best thing you can do for your child and the process as a whole is to create your own arrangement prior to the meeting. Include items such as the basic facts of the child and how you will incorporate your ex-spouses’ schedule into your own. Doing this may help you push the talks along and help get many of your requests.

Although preparations can be made to create a better outcome, the fact is that you are always going to need the expertise of an attorney. Bringing in a legal expert may help you jump legal hurdles that may hinder the talks’ outcome.