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MD Pedestrian Killed when Vehicles Collided on Route 5

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We have all been there. One minute, your car is driving just fine and the next, you are pulled over on the side of the road while your car comes to a sputtering stop. When you step out of your vehicle, you assess the issue and hopefully get the situation handled or call someone for help. But, what if this story didn’t have a satisfactory ending? What if you were hit by a vehicle on the side of the road and never made it back to your vehicle or home to your family?

That was the case for one Maryland man when he pulled over to the side of Route 5. He was having car trouble and apparently working on his Lexus that afternoon when a woman’s vehicle left the roadway. Her Acura drove off into the right shoulder, struck the man’s vehicle, which then threw him into a nearby grassy area. Authorities found him unresponsive upon arrival and he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital due to the injuries he sustained in the crash.

It is unclear at this time why the Acura left the roadway. The driver of that vehicle did survive the crash and is expected to make a full recovery. The family of the man killed is certainly seeking answers as to what caused his untimely death. Personal injury suits can help families recover damages from parties believed to have been negligent in a car accident.

No criminal charges have yet been filed, but if the woman is charged due to her involvement in the crash, it could bode well for a personal injury suit. While the cause and outcome for the involved parties are not quite clear, it it can be helpful for the family to focus on the future.

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