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Three Helpful Halloween Safety Tips for Pedestrians

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Halloween night is arguably the ultimate holiday for candy lovers and makeup artists. After all, kids of all ages will take part in dressing in costumes, while little ones will be walking their neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating. Festivities on Halloween night bring their own set of dangers, however. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of pedestrian accidents tends to go up on October 31. Because of this, it is important for pedestrians to be particularly vigilant.

This post will highlight a few helpful tips so that people can have a safe and scary Halloween.

Make sure drivers can see you – With daylight savings time coming to an end, a number of trick-or-treaters are likely to be out after sunset. Since pedestrians are harder to see at night, it is prudent to have glow sticks or bright costumes that have reflective strips. Even small LED lights on the costume can be helpful. Regardless of how you proceed, making sure drivers can see you is important.

Make sure you can see – It is natural for kids to want costumes that have masks, but this can limit a child’s peripheral vision, especially when they take quick looks before crossing a street. If you can paint a child’s face instead of having a mask, this could reduce the potential for accidents.

Cross in safe places – It is also helpful to use crosswalks when crossing busy streets. When crossing residential streets, try to cross at corners where drivers must adhere to stop signs. Also, try to make eye contact with a driver before crossing in front of car.  

If you have questions about your legal rights and options after being injured on Halloween, an experienced personal injury lawyer can advise you.