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Ways to Make Your Divorce Stress Free

Law Office of Kari Holm Fawcett

If you are thinking about divorce, but are unsure of when and how to go about it, chances are that you have already received pieces of advice from friends and family. The recommendations may range from the practical to the ridiculous, and they may leave you more confused, or angry, with what to do.

Whatever the advice you are given, chances are they are based on one person’s personal experiences, so what you are given may not be the best given your circumstances. However, there are some helpful things that can apply regardless of your situation.

Be a grown-up – In the midst of a divorce, adults have a tendency to result to middle school bickering and taunting. Even more destructive, they may play games over assets and may resort to using children as pawns to get what they want. It is important to remember that you and your soon-to-be ex are both adults, and the court will expect you to act like one.

No one cares about your sense of fairness – If you base your expectations on your impression of what is fair, chances are that you are going to be out of luck. Family court judges base their decisions on what the law allows (for property division) and what it is in the child’s best interests (for custody and parenting time). They can care less about what you believe is fair.

Know when to hold ‘em, and when to fold ‘em – This is more than just a classic country music anthem. It is a catchy way of knowing when to be steadfast and when to move on.

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