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Navigating A Challenging Time In Your Life

At the Law Office of Kari Holm Fawcett, I provide people with effective divorce strategies tailored specifically to their unique needs. I have more than 25 years of experience as a divorce attorney and have handled all types of cases. I understand that divorce and its effects can be intimidating. I offer informed legal advice in clear, direct language — not confusing buzzwords.

I understand that your family may have complex dynamics. If you are contemplating divorce, you need to understand how it may affect your life and your children’s world.

Call me at 301-262-5500 or 301-850-7345 for a low cost consultation with an experienced divorce attorney. I represent people throughout Maryland, including Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County and other locations from my offices in Bowie and Annapolis.

Effective Divorce Strategies Tailored To Your Needs

As a divorce attorney, I carefully select my family law cases to ensure that I can provide thorough legal support for your issues. I can listen to your concerns and discuss options, including limited divorce or absolute divorce, that may provide the best solutions.

For instance, many couples discover after years of marriage that they no longer agree on fundamental issues, like finances and the best interests of their child. In some situations, you may benefit from writing a separation agreement. This agreement and an uncontested divorce can keep major financial, custody and visitation decisions in your hands and minimize the court’s control over decisions that will affect your children and you for the rest of your life.

Aggressive Advocacy At All Stages Of The Legal Process

Before you file for divorce or during the divorce process, you will be required to make many decisions that can carry lifelong consequences. As your divorce attorney, I can provide information and support so that you can make educated decisions. I can offer effective advice and representation for:

If you feel intimidated by your spouse and your spouse’s attorney, you need a strong advocate on your side. I will work tirelessly to protect your rights and help you obtain positive solutions to the problems you face.

Low Cost Consultation With A Lawyer

To discuss your divorce issues with a low cost consultation, please call me at 301-262-5500, 301-850-7345 or send my law firm an email. I offer low cost consultations to individuals facing financial difficulties.