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Guiding Clients Through High-Asset Divorce

For many individuals, a divorce represents a highly stressful, emotional life event. Even if the dissolution of marriage is the best solution for your future, you are likely facing a turbulent time. For couples who have amassed significant assets, however, a divorce can be highly complex and highly contentious.

I am Kari Holm Fawcett, a divorce attorney with more than 25 years of legal experience. Through my practice, I have represented countless clients in Bowie, Annapolis and other communities throughout Maryland.

Dividing Debts And Assets

One of the most crucial steps in a high-asset divorce is determining what is marital property and what is separate. Through marital documents such as prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, many can develop a comprehensive list of assets brought into the marriage versus ones acquired as a couple. Typically, divorce lawyers will have to guide clients through the division of assets such as:

  • Homes
  • Vacation property
  • Family businesses
  • Retirement accounts and pensions
  • Military pensions
  • Antiques and other valuable collections

In addition to assets, many couples will have to negotiate the division of debts. Even debts that appear — on the surface — to be clear-cut such as medical debt, student loan debt or credit card debt might be argued to be marital debt rather than nonmarital debt. An experienced divorce lawyer can aggressively fight to protect your best interests no matter the scope of the negotiation.

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